Space Concert 2024
presented by Bandruption

This is space for musicians and artists. International musicians and artists, 6 categories spanning all music genres, space and tech for humans as creators.

Worldwide Streaming Event

30 international music artists will premier new songs from lower Earth orbit.  Watch history be made from your device, or join one of the Backstage Countdown Parties with VVIPs in the building.  The Earth wasn’t enough for this event. 

Party people

Music Artist Signup

We still have open slots in the 2024 Space Concert.  Please let us know if you’re interested by submitting your info and we’ll get back to you!

Artists producing music.
Coming soon

Countdown to Blastoff

Music Battle

10 slots in Space Concert 2024 are reserved for up and coming music artists. Up and coming slots must be won in a music battle tournament.

Upgraded Tickets

Ad-free, VIP, Backstage, and Elite Bundles will be available for upgrading your experience and involvement in Space Concert 2024

Space Concert Merch

Merch for Space Concert 2024 will be offered in partnership with visual artists, music artists in the community, and other Space Concert community members. We support humans as creators.

NFT Collections

The Bandruption community views web3 as a powerful tool for creators to be supported directly by their fans. We will offer NFTs that can be collected, burned, and staked for benefits in the Space Concert community, event, and ecosystem surrounding space for humans as creators.

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